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Happy Holidays from Rhonda!

clock November 26, 2012 14:59 by author Rhonda

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe we are just a month away from 2013? This year has just flown by! While you are sorting through the Christmas decorations and dusting off those fabulous boots & jackets, take a moment to look in your undies drawer…. If you are in desperate need of some comfortable and beautiful options, I’ve got you covered with brand new options, new colors in your favorite styles & more!


Looking for a more casual way to look sleek and keep warm try our incredible variety of shaping leggings, t-shirts, camisoles, & tunics. Versatile and stylish, you will fall in love with apparel by Rhonda Shear Intimates!

As I always say “Behind every great woman, is a great Behind!” With that in mind, I have just launched some beautiful new shapewear options to keep you looking smooth and feeling fabulous at all those holiday parties.  The all new Diamond Collection brings silky and luxurious seamless shaping to the next level with styles that hug your unique shape and enhance your assets!

Snuggle up with sleepwear and boudoir intimates that bring the sizzle with hot new items in every collection. Whether you are looking for comfy cotton PJ sets, sultry butterknit gowns, or lingerie to heat up the holidays- we have a little something for everyone!


Wishing you happiness and good health all year round!




Find your fit!

clock October 1, 2012 17:06 by author Tyreen

Hello! My name is Tyreen Prunick and I am Rhonda Shear Intimates Director of Sales. And so begins my first blog. During one of my recent business trips rain changed the agenda and I found myself but of course shopping… One thing led to another and I thought it would be fitting to use the time to be professionally fit as my last measurements were pre-baby.  Anyhow, fast forward past the French Connection dress I had to have that led me into the department store lingerie selections (as it needed certain something’s underneath) where the (somewhat conniving) idea dawned on me. I need to be professionally fit! And so began my first encounter with the tape measure since having and nursing Ava.  

I am still uncertain if it was I or she that feared the details soon to unfold more… A dainty little thing (while I am not) her hands shook as she lifted the tape and proceeded to place it around my bust with no particular detail as to where it might land. Moments later she came around front of me and timidly placed the tape in the vicinity I believed she believed was my areola.  She then proclaimed, “You’re a 36C” without any conversation as to what I might be currently wearing (which I will note puts much more on display than I actually have – the Rhonda Shear VaVaVoom bra style 81985). I thank her and proceed to assist myself in located the underpinnings I am in need of whilst she scurries appreciatively away to look busy restocking ill fitted items.

I then precede on with my shopping stopping at yet another well-known department store for a similar experience yet after this session I am declared a 34C.

I find myself mulling over the two measurements combined with the knowledge that 80 percent or so of woman are not correctly fit which leads me to the doors of one of the main merchants for woman’s intimates where both the eager sales gal and I decide I must be professionally fit! Perhaps she will agree with one of the other professionals and settle for me which of the two sizes I should identify with. She then proceeds to take out her pen, card and the tape measure right there in the front door in front of the window of the Shoppes at the Palazzo.  Yet again, no discussion as to what I might currently be wearing so I volunteer the information. She then hands me the card and I read 34D.

In conclusion, being in the industry I understand 34D and 36C to be sister measurements but I still find myself amazed at the lack of consistency in both measuring and fitting as well as the lack of attention to detail in fitting same.  It is no wonder, as Rhonda pointed out on Extra, 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size! Makes sense if you consider adding 5-10 pounds alone changes your bra size!  Measuring with the intention of defining bra size is really rather simple, yet many women and even bra retailers get it wrong (as illustrated by the 3 separate measurements noted above).

As Rhonda always advises, find your correct size and get fit frequently. Below is a good DIY guideline so you’re confident in your cleavage!

  • Using a soft tape, measure the narrowest point just under your breasts, all the way around your back including your rib cage. Note this measurement and round up if the number is uneven as this is your band size.
  • Next measure the cup size by taking the tape measure around your body across the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size measurement from the measurement obtained. The difference will equate to your cup size. If the difference between the two numbers is an inch, your cup size is A; 2 inches, you're a B; 3 inches you're a C, etc…

If this all seems daunting fear not as the VaVaVoom (style 81985) is currently Rhonda’s only traditionally sized bra as she designs the majority of her line with the shop your top mentality (literally the top size you are wearing translates into the bra size)! Shopping simplified. Happy shopping!    

Red Carpet Ready!

clock October 1, 2012 10:42 by author Noelle

Whether you are readying for a job interview, first date, red carpet event or just daily dress, your intimates are undeniably the most important aspect to your look. Who wants back bulge or muffin tops or panty lines? No fashionista or starlet that's for sure!

When I first began interning for Rhonda while I was in college, I was your normal 2 bra kind of gal, one for daily use and one strapless, and 2 style of panty kind of gal, thongs and full coverage boy shorts. Here is where Rhonda taught me truly how pivotal her motto, "foundation is where fashion begins," really is. Suddenly my intimates drawer outgrew itself with leisure bras and bouidor pieces and slimming tap shorts! Being the experienced fashionista that she is, Rhonda explained to me (in her own comedic way) that she could see my booty crack in certain dresses and my gaping bra cup in my tops... but then she offered solutions! Pin-Up Panties (#R380671B) for fuller booty coverage! Perfectly fitting Va-Va-Voom Push-Up bras (#81985)! My world, and wardrobe, quickly changed and aided in morphing me in the fashion-obsessed girl that I am today!

With my "intimate" learnings always present, I examined my dress choice for Fashion Week Tampa Bay with the utmost scrutiny... as Rhonda presented a fabulous runway couture "50 Shades of Love" line, I wanted to be sure to represent her camp right! As the dress I wore was backless, I knew that a bra was not optional (an aspect that I was leary of at first but Rhonda reassured me immediately that it was "Hot!!!"). For a smoothe look, I chose the "Sweet Cupcake" Butterknit lace trim panty (#R2811) as my choice undergarment. Always a best seller, this silhouette's lace trim top lays nicely against your hips not creating muffin tops... the perfect fix!

Being a star of the night with one of the most applauded collections on the runway, our fearless leader shined in her unique & fabulous style both on and off the red carpet!

Kiss, Noelle

Loving Leggings!

clock September 14, 2012 11:11 by author Noelle

Who doesn't dig a trend that is constantly recirculating? I must admit that I was, regardless, hesitant to embrace the legging craze at first (that is about 4 years ago...) and it did take me some time to really grow to love leggings. And now, I can't seem to live without them! Truly,  leggings have become my ultimate outerwear staple.

I find myself wearing some style of leggings two to three times weekly... This is because you can pair your leggings with a multitude of pieces to create different looks each time. I'm extremely particular about choosing outfits throughout the week in a dress/pants/skirt/pants/etc. pattern. Leggings make the selection process far more enjoyable since they offer the ability to wear dresses, skirts, & pants together!

My favorite stylings of leggings include:

  • Short Dresses (some that have shrank from the drying process! I'm personally the worst launderer!)
  • Tunic Tops
  • Tight/Short Skirts
  • With Rain Boots
  • Long Sweaters
  • Layering with Long Tanks & Jackets
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on...

I must admit that my adoration for leggings quickly became an obsession once I experienced the RS High Waisted Shaping Leggings... It was a miracle! Being a curvy lady myself, I seemed to always have an issue with the natural waistline of most leggings cutting into my sides and giving me terrible muffintops... and THAT is not a cute look. The shaping leggings compress comfortably through tummy area, lift the booty & smooth the thighs. It's a 110% win! These leggings are such a hot seller for us that we can barely keep them in stock! Rhonda realized how quickly they were flying off our shelves and sparked the next trends by creating multiple embelished leggings.... Capri length, boot cut, Lace trim, stud cuff, zipper sides.. There are so many to choose from!!!!

Prepare your closet for all seasons with these staple styles to enlarge your closet options!

Kiss, Noelle

"Ahh Ooh La La" High Waist Lace Sideseam Leggings (#R1392) in Charcoal/Pink paired with a long, fitted black top, hot pink pumps & a muli-colored feather necklace for added pizazz! 

"Ahh Smooth" High Waist Seamless Capri Legging (#R1387) in black styled with a black & white loose tunic top, black cutout wedges, corresponding black & lucite jewelry with a bright cobalt blue knit blazer for that added POP of color! 

Everything Rhonda

clock September 13, 2012 10:40 by author Rhonda


I am so excited that our awesome team will be blogging, and giving fashion tips and tidbits.  We want to answer all your questions, and give updates of all the new and exciting things happening at Rhonda Shear.


We have some gorgeous new shapewear in the works, with the latest technology possible.  We will continue to bring you the world famous Ahh Bra, but will be extending it to an entire collection of Ahh Lifestyle.  From head to toe, you will be shaped and comfy.  My goal is that you live in your Ahh Attire from morning till evening.  Our lifestyles are active and on the go.  Why not have sexy and cozy clothing all day that smoothes and makes you look your best.  Our Ahh Bra line is extending to many styles.  Racerback, strapless, no hooks and eyes, hooks and eyes, sewn in pads, removable pads, underwire, longer, shorter.  You name it, we will have an Ahh Bra that fits your lifestyle.


Next up, is Ahh Zen.  We want you to feel your "Ahhhhhhhhhh" Moment when you slip into our Zen line.  Whether you are off to the gym, or to a night out with the girls, you will love the color, and comfort of Ahh Zen.  Matching and coordinating tops, tanks, lace coverups, pedal pushers, yoga style pants, capris, and leggings, boot cut.  Rhonda Shear will have the bottom that suits your body style and lifestyle.


We also have something so hot in the works, we have to keep it shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  But stay tuned it will knock your socks  off!


Now on a personal note, I am having the time of my life.  You ladies help me design the line with your suggestions.  It is so exciting to present the core line we have had for over a decade and the new and exciting additions.  Another big shhhhhhhhhhhhh, is that we are working on a reality show.  I will give you lots of follow ups on this in upcoming blogs.





Dress for your Body Type!

clock September 11, 2012 10:34 by author Heather


Ever wonder how to dress for your shape and body type?  Here are a few tips and tricks that focus on the Petite Frame, and how to elongate your body to make you look longer and leaner.  Just because you are not “model” height, does not mean you can’t appear to be!


How to dress for a Petite Frame:

For a short/petite frame, short dresses and skirts will be your best friend.  In “short” the shorter the skirt, dress, or shorts the longer your legs will look.  Long dresses work to, but remember to keep it monochromatic in color story and keep it fitted.  Avoid over powering prints and super flowy fabrics as they will make you look larger and shorter than you are.  Adding a belt is always a great way to finish off the look, because it will make your torso look much longer.  Plus, it’s a great trend!

When shopping for Tops stick with fitted as well and invest in V neck or scoop neck styling details as they will elongate the neck and draw the eye upward.  It’s also a great way to showcase all of your favorite necklaces!  Eva Longoria is very petite and does a superb job of dressing for her frame – this is one of my favorite looks – so chic!!

For Pants, skinny or boot cut are best, avoid high waisted, wide leg or crop as they will make your legs appear shorter than they are.  Pair your favorite skinnies with a wedge or a stiletto to complete the long and lean look.

ALWAYS invest in great undergarments – Remember what Rhonda always says” Foundation is where Fashion starts” and if your undergarments do not fit properly, it will show on the outside.  If you need help in the bust area, perk up the girls with the Rhonda Shear Va Va Voom push up Bra.  This is a great item that is an everyday staple in my wardrobe.  It comes in Black, Nude and Leopard and can be worn multiple ways.  Buy yours now at


Classic Chameleon

clock September 4, 2012 10:30 by author Noelle

What do you crave most in your closet?

A. Is it choices?

B. Is it versatility?

C. Is it diversity? 

D. Is it all of the above?

If you're anything like me then you answered:  D. All of the above! There is nothing I love more than a good ol multi-purposeful, trans-seasonal garment with endless uses and a multitude of possibilities. If you were to ravage my wardrobe, you would find a plethora of solid colors, timeless prints & staple blacks (in all styles of pieces). When you create a fine collection of basics, suddenly your choices begin to widen since you can now layer and interchange so many pieces into fabulous creations of your own!

With all of this in mind, it is clear why I nearly croaked when I learned that Rhonda was going to introduce a brand new 20-Way Ahh Dress (#R0001)!!! 20 WAYS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Now, obviously, this thing seriously makes me tick! I'm obsessed. And if I was to say that this silhouette is only capable of 20 ways, then I would be absolutely lying to you. I would say that it is weekly that at least one of the girls in office will strut into work styling the Ahh Dress in a different way! We LOVE this dress. I keep one in my car at ALL times for emergency situations... Last minute business dinner? Improptu girls happy hour? Surprising the hunny after work? This is the ultimate back-up plan.

So while we were at show in NYC, I decided to sport the Ahh Dress in a new sort of way... as a sassy one-shouldered top! Needless to say, this piece prompted a huge response from everyone! Exhibitors & buyers alike were complimenting my look! =) big time happy face! Choosing the Charcoal Dress with the corresponding tube (reversed to charcoal) as under top, I paired the (now) Ahh Top with my coral pants. Adding the nude studded peep-toe heels enanled me to accent with studded jewelry for an edgier creation! If you haven't experience the Ahh Dress, I absolutely suggest you do! Expand your wardrobe!!!

Kiss, Noelle

Viva Las Vegas!

clock August 29, 2012 10:01 by author Noelle

As expected, CURVE NV in Las Vegas was a fantastically successful spectacle! I so enjoy experiencing the feel and fashion trends of different cities... But unlike any other place, Vegas seems to be a melting pot of persons, cultures, fashion, sparkle & color. Without fail and no matter what time of the year it may be, Vegas always delivers crowds of individuals covered in glitter, glam & jazz...  And it is a sight I never get sick of seeing. A true Spice Girl at heart, I thrive in this enviorment of excitement and freedom of fashion expression! Truth be told, my most recent goal-acheivment reward was purchased in Vegas... a pair of black & silver "Spice"-y peeptoe lace up platforms!!! I <3 this place.

A trend that clearly spanded across all cultures was the immense use of color. Tapping off of the season, naturally, men & women alike were doused in bright, bold colors... Meshing different hues without hesitation: pink & green, turquoise & purple, blue & coral, etc. I dig this trend for so many reasons but notably because I adore color and the acceptance of freedom to express your inner color shades! I used this to my advantage while at show....

Always the Rhonda Shear lover, I paired my fun cream lace & bright blue pleated dress with my bold cobalt  "Chanteuse" racerback bra (#55264)! With electric yellow rubber wedges to boot, this entire creation was sealed together by my multi-colored, multi-stranded beaded bracelet. My biggest suggestion is to expand your foundations to include colorful accent pieces as well as one perfectly colorful bracelet for flawless color meshing within your wardrobe!

Happy Color Craze!

Kiss, Noelle


Fashionably Flamboyant

clock August 15, 2012 16:37 by author Noelle

Who says that you have to obey the standards and ideologies of the norm when it comes to fashion??? Certainly not us! Actually, here at Rhonda Shear Intimates, expressing oneself through fashion is HIGHLY encouraged! I, personally, take this liberty in stride by truly exploring the endless options and choices my closet (and the hand-me-downs of Rhonda) have to offer! Now I can't sit here and say every "creation" of mine has been ultra-femme or even slightly attractive, but I can say express how important it is to be creative with your fashion! 

As a rule, it is pivotal to analyze your "creations" closely when attending a special event, a work function, or any other sort of "first impression is everything" occasion. In example, one of my favorite aspects of my job (sales baby!) is attending trade shows representing the Rhonda Shear Intimates brand! Alongside my Director (who happens to be one of my best friends), we plan our outfits daily to be complimentary as well as classy, sexy & fun... just like us! ;)

Here is one of Tyreen & my looks from our most recent showing at CURVE NY! In corresponding "Heartthrob" Seamless Shelf Tanks (#4036), we deemed this our 4036 Day! This tank is by far the most intrical staple in my closet... perfect for accenting, layering & jus plain wearing. By choosing bold, chunky jewelry, I off-set the yummy peacock hue (Rhonda's fav!) of this sleek a-symmetrical long skirt... (a-symmetrical skirts & dresses were ALL OVER Manhattan & Miami... BIG TREND ALERT!) As for Ty's creation, she rocks her "Power Skirt", a high-waist black & white striped pencil skirt (to diiiiie for), with a simpler long necklace to enable her "Power Skirt" to be the center of attention as it should be!

Can't wait to share what CURVE NV has in store for me to see style wise!!! 

XOXO, NoelleKiss

runnin around the office half naked

clock August 8, 2012 09:57 by author Administrator

How new employees look after hearing some of the ropes of what regularly happens around our office


 Rhonda on many ocasions will tell interviewers that her employees do the testing for the new articles of clothing we are creating. She is not kidding when she says it.

About Rhonda

Designer Rhonda Shear spent 25 years in the Hollywood spotlight as an actress, comedienne, and host. Starring for years on the popular late night series “USA: Up All Night”, Shear learned from Hollywood costume designers the art of illusion and camouflage.

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